Violence In Chuck Dixon's Legends Of The Dark Knight

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Someone once said “All the violence in the movies and literature, you cannot tell me that it would not disturb a normal person.” In our days graphic novels became so violent that they cannot be demonstrated to the kids. The comic book “Legends of the Dark Knight” that written by the author named Chuck Dixon shows the great examples why the comic books should not be presented to the children. In this book author tells us how Batman violently defeats the irresistible beast. Batman kills the beast because of his horrible reprise of all the people in the city. Rorke, Batman old friend and investigator, finds the beast's tooth on one of the crime scenes. After the investigation Rorke finds out that this tooth is the beast's talisman and has some…show more content…
One of the perfect examples that shows the violence in the “Legends of the Dark Knight” is when Batman brutally kills the beast by cutting his extremities off. The author states “Batman kills the dreadful beast and hears a loud beast’s scream about his spare. However, it is too late; Batman cuts his head and arms with a light ray and only beast’s blood left on the Batman’s light ray gun.” (Dixon 17). This description of the brutal killing scene gives a child a very bad example of how the people can treat each other which is absolutely unacceptable in our society. The fact that one person can easily kill another is inappropriate and prohibited by every law. Children should learn that any conflict can be resolved without violence and comic books only contradict the idea of free abuse world. To avoid any wars and conflicts in the future people should teach kids right moral standards that will portray the idea that the violence can always be omitted in the society. The children are our future generation and the way we teach them to treat each other in present world is the way they are going to treat people in the future. Comic books should definitely be prohibited for the kids to avoid the disturbance of their moral
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