Violence In Dante's Inferno

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Understanding how to confront life 's problems is something that humans have had difficulty navigating throughout the generations of their lives. Some people refer to religious text in order to help them understand or cope, others refer to their own, personal morals. A way people are coping with problems with greater infamy in society is through acts of violence, whether it is a person causing harm to themselves or a person causing harm to others. Violence is something most prominent religions within society today prohibit. In Dante 's Inferno, to act violently on earth will result in that person being damned to circle seven, in which your punishment is wading in a pool of boiling blood for all eternity. Therefore, it is known to most…show more content…
The reasons people act violently is a broad topic of study. Although many psychologists and people in general continue to speculate about what those reasons may be. One of the main reasons people are thought to act in a violent manner is that it is a symptom of how that person uses violence as “a means of coping with life 's problems” (Seifert 1). Another reason that people use violence to express their feelings could be imitating what they see going on around them. Proving this point is this statistic that, “almost all of the bullies, 97 percent, said they were also victims of bullying”. This only proves violence leads to more violence. In order to cope with others acting violently towards them, the person being bullied acts violently towards others (Warning Signs of Violence 1). In some cases, people who are coping with problems find harming others to be irrelevant, thus they are violent towards themselves. Generally people who engage in self harm are coping with their own life issues, anxiety, bipolar, or depression. Whether they are having some of these mental health issues, or it is just a way to deal with their own problems they know it is wrong to harm themselves. Sometimes people who resort to self harm are trying to express anger and frustration, or they feel as if there is no end to their problems and turn to violence as a way of expressing those feelings. Another reason people are violent towards themselves is to manipulate and retaliate, and people use violence towards themselves as a means to getting something they want or expressing their unspoken

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