Violence In Esteban Trueba's Violence

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From an alternative perspective, Esteban Trueba’s violence is unneeded to highlight how it plays a central role in the development of the themes. Some believe this because they think it is masculinity that develops the themes, rather than his violence. Although, there are many masculine characters throughout the novel, none are as important to developing the plot as Esteban’s violent machismo factor. In the theme of family, the line “the only [children] that counted were the ones who bore [his] last name, the others might just as well not have been born” (Allende 66), develops the perspective of a machismo man towards genealogy. This is significant for the reader to recognize because genealogy and family are imperative themes throughout the entire novel. Consequently, the children he father’s due to violent rape, don’t bare his last name because they are of the lower class. This develops the struggle between the lower and upper class through his actions in Tres Marias.
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