Violence In Gerbner's 'Killing Screens'

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In “Killing Screens,” Gerbner mentions that the storytellers of the modern day have gone from being people who we have a personal connection with, to the media. The storytellers of the past would be parents or grandparents, people passing on religion, teachers, etc. All these people are telling you things in hopes to make you better or smarter person. The storytellers now are people whose motive is selling you something. The message they will try to get you to understand, if any, will not usually be anything good for you. As mentioned before, the “classic” storytellers have a personal connection with you. They would be telling you the story up close. They see you in front of you and actually care for you; they wouldn 't want to tell you stories to give you negative influence. Today, most stories are being told on a screen. They don 't actually care for you, to them you 're just another number, and that number is money you 're giving them. Since people can 't actually know…show more content…
5) One of the main consequences of watching such amounts of violence on social media is the “Mean World Syndrome.” In simple terms, it means: the more violence we watch on television, the worse our perception of the world is. It doesn 't mean that the world actually is that bad, we just see it that way. Another noteworthy consequence is minorities feeling vulnerable. When minorities are shown, they usually shown as victims. In the modern day, minorities aren 't portrayed too well either. They are either shown having bad things done to them or doing bad things. It is usually doing bad things if you 're looking at the news. Also, when it comes to “white people,” they are usually only shown doing good things. In violent movies, minorities are usually shown as being underlings of a very rich and powerful white man, and usually always get killed. The only people profiting are the companies running everything. There is no actual winner, but a rich Caucasian male is made to look like he is
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