Violence In Hamlet

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Authors use the role of violence in a story or play to improve the outlooks readers have on characters by creating a protagonist and an antagonist. Hamlet is one of the most famous productions from English writer Shakespeare. Hamlet is the story of a young boy whose life takes a crazy turn for the worst when his father dies. Outstanding themes in this work are drama, deception, and most importantly violence. The use of violence plays an important role in this story. Throughout the story, there are many times where violence seems as if it is the only way to solve the problem. The violence is this story is significant to the meaning of the story as a whole because the story starts out with an act of violence, placing the royal family at the funeral of their own king. Suicide, murder, and execution are all forms of violence portrayed in this work. Hamlet himself portrays many different acts of violence in this work such as murder and physical harassment. Violence is a major theme in Hamlet because without it, there would never be an end to the story because no one could ever get the revenge and justice they felt needed. Starting out the play with violence sets a mood for the play, because readers realize that now things can only get worse. Since this play is a tragedy, most readers would expect it to end in the worst way, just like in Romeo and Juliet. Known for setting up major themes in this play such as revenge and betrayal, violence also keeps readers interested and helps
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