Violence In I Am Malala And Copper Sun

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Just envision being stripped away from your very own motherland and being forced by your captors to become a slave in an unknown far away land, after seeing the murder of your entire family and village. Believe it or not, this severity of violence and/or negativity happened to be the everyday life of two young girls Malala( I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai) and Amari( Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper). Malala and Amari were desperate change-seeking girls who were willing to make sacrifices not many others made, in order to better themselves and the lives of others. Both the characters of Malala and Amari truly faced some of the worst troubles and conflicts imaginable. But even in the face of despair and adversity, both Malala and Amari endured…show more content…
Malala fights for the right for women to have education while Amari on the other hand fights for her freedom from slavery. Even though they share the same traits of perseverance, resiliency, and endurance, both of their situations and how they reached success are both different. Malala in her conflict struggled with the right of education for women. However, Malala did not fight her fight alone. In fact, I believe that her cause was started by and mostly influenced by the works of her father. This contrasts Amari’s situation in which she had to fight for her own personal freedom without the support of her own family. The fact that her family was absent and given that her parents were dead due to the cause she was fighting against made Amari’s route to freedom much narrower than Malala’s. Also, from the death of Amari’s family, this adds to the personal grief and heartache that she suffered mentally and physically while fighting for her freedom. Malala was however affected physically when she was shot but this event took place at one time whereas Amari’s conflicts took place frequently which affected her mental ethos more severely than Malala’s. Another great contrast was the people that were affected by both struggles that the characters fought against. Malala was not looking to better just herself but mainly young girls and women who seek to become educated. Amari mainly wanted to escape because her life was severely on the line as well as Polly and Tidbit. In Copper Sun Sharon M. Draper does not go on to discuss whether or not Amari went back to help other slaves escape. This differs from Malala, because after being shot, one of the greatest struggles she faced, she continued to help other girls and women get an education. However, within all these differences, both girls are alike in their behaviors and enthusiasm to see change become apparent in their own lives
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