Violence In John Hinton's The Outsiders

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The book The Outsiders is full of many important lessons but only some can affect life today such as the fact that fighting is not good no matter how bad the situation is. We can take this lesson and apply it to our lives now even though stuff like this isn’t happening as much as it did in the book.This is most important because there is so much violence going on in the world and, people have no reason. We need to learn that violence isn’t always the answer. The book shows us that when violence is the only solution it will end very badly. Johnny tells Ponyboy at the end of the book that violence is bad, and coming from Johnny this really means something. If Johnny was willing to kill someone because it was his only answer violence that proves…show more content…
I think the whole lesson of this book was that violence was bad because every time someone fought it ended really badly. This book showed that even though violence seems easy and, you can easily sort things out with a fight it will come with worse consequences. The greasers always fought, and the Socs always jumped but in the end we saw how both of these resulted in two deaths, and a bad fire. In the end both the socs and greasers both realized that fighting was bad, and throughout the book we see ponyboy question why he fights. Johnny is proof that we shouldn’t fight because earlier in the book we learn that he was jumped by Socs, and since then he was always different. Later in the book we see how this really affected Johnny because he ended up killing bob, the soc who tried jumping him and ponyboy. If the socs never tried jumping then neither Bob nor Johnny would be dead. I will apply this to my life by always trying to find a better solution. We now know from reading this book that fighting may solve problems but it will create bigger ones. I won’t result to violence no matter how hard it
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