Violence In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Lord of the Flies is a passage into the very existence of humanity. The very last part of the book is full of rage and violence. The violence could be blamed on the lack of vital nutrients the boys where facing but more likely the motives of Jack and his party is related to the emotional impact of their stay on the island. The impact of the island and lack of adults lent to the overall outcome of their stay.
Starting out the group of boys were scattered around the island and in tiny huddles of boys. Ralph found the Cong shell and brought all the boys together to create a tribe. There were still three definite groups starting with the little ones an un-numerable group of younger boys starting at the age of 6. These boys where not even counted due to their young age and lack of size to help with gathering things such as wood. There was the older boys which were split into two defined groups, there are the choir boys group then Ralph and his small group of teen age boys. Ralph was voted chief of the “Tribe” by all the boys but Jack wanted to be chief. Ralphs first
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In fact it was not Ralph that found the Cong shell it was Piggy that originally found the shell. Piggy was the first to see the shell just under the water and pointed it out to Ralph. Ralph blow the Cong because of Piggy’s Asthma. Piggy possessed the cognitive reasoning the boys of the island craved for from their leader but lacked the underlying self-esteem of a leader. Ralph brought the self-esteem the boys needed for the boys of the island to feel secure and feel leadership. The boys craved a sense of normalcy of having someone to look up to in the aftermath of the plane crash and lack of adults. “As young people grasp the moral “logic” of human social cooperation, they are upset when this logic is violated (Berk 506).” So the boys are emotionally unstable from the upheaval from civilization to the freedom of the
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