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Violence is the behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something, which is seen in multiple scenes of Macbeth. There was a lot of violence ever since the beginning of this play, because Lady Macbeth knew from the beginning that she wanted to kill King Duncan. Her idea of killing the king was brilliant and to accomplish that a lot of murder was going to occur. She took care of every single detail leaving no evidence behind and blaming all the murders on the guards. Macbeth soon succeeds at killing king Duncan and soon realizes that all the violence and killing are making him powerful and have the adrenaline to kill. Starting with the bloody dagger which is not there and is just a hallucination…show more content…
The violence, though it takes place off stage, is described as being very gory and murderous. Macbeth is a very skilled warrior and begins to take pleasure in killing people. Violence begins to completely consume the thoughts and actions of Macbeth. After killing Duncan, Macbeth realizes what he has done as he sees the blood scattered against his robes. He has become king and now will not be usurped of his power, at least not without a fight. Macbeth’s desire for control stimulates his violent behavior. He is willing to do anything to anyone who tries to get in his way, and lady Macbeth is to come up plans and make sure they go as planed, and is willing to do anything to keep her husband Macbeth as king even if it means murder after murder. Macbeth starts to get to violent and decides to hire people to kill certain people who are a threat. Lady Macbeth is not aware of these plans and finds out about them and is overwhelmed. In the banquet scene Macbeth is aware that Banquo was killed and soon sees an apparition of him. He starts to freak which gets people to think he is becoming insane. His wife to starts to think and realize that all of the violence and murders are getting to Macbeths head and make him feel insane and more powerful than ever. Lady Macbeth feels all the guilt that Macbeth feels throughout the play and is slowly going mad as

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