Violence In Movies

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This chapter will discuss the background of study of The Impacts of Violence Film on Teenagers’ Behaviour. The overall purpose of this chapter is to discuss the issues of this study and I come out with the research objectives, research questions as well as the problem statement. The scope of research and the significant of this study also will be discussed in this chapter.
When natural disaster affects hundreds of thousands people, the world is shocked and turns the media of spotlight on the location, with the camera often highlighting lost and crying children in order to appeal to the deepest the sensibilities of the audience. Media technology was changing second
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It is very dangerous because they are in a process of learning. They look up to their hero and want to do everything that person does. In an action packed movie, the hero or the 'good guy' is loved by children and they may try to copy their actions, thus leading to violence. So it is believed that violence in movies will increase physical aggressiveness among teenagers and violent criminal behaviour.
Nowadays, violent film is very famous among teenagers. Watching violent is a popular form of entertainment. Wrestling is a popular spectator sport not only in the United States, but in many countries in the Middle East and of course not to miss Malaysia. Teenagers like something new because at this stage they are starting to gain as much knowledge they want. They learn from many perspectives such as books, television, social network, watching film and many
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In Malaysia we can see the example of violence film like KL Gangster, Kongsi, Songlap and many others. The problem is, when the film launched, most of the watcher are teenagers. If we can look around us, after teenagers have watched the violence film, the words they spoke with their friend will changed. They started to follow the way of the actor behaviour on how they react and speak.
Teenagers trust the film, one day a bad guy will turn into a good guy like a film said, but how about their life as teenagers who will replace our prime minister holding a job to make sure the country in safe condition. They are our generation that we need to protect like gold because without them our country can easily bullied by others.
If we can see the header of the newspaper recently, teenagers become violent at school, fight with each other’s, make their own team at school and studies not important anymore for them. Why they develop that bad behaviour? Is it to get attention from others or they have their own reason. Parents will start complaining to the principal because teachers cannot teach well their son and daughter if their school grade were down. Toward whom we want to blame? Is it school, parents, society, media or other
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