Violence In Prison Essay

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The history of prisons, prisons were created way back. At one point they were known as dungeons and back than they were not used as a punishment they were used as a "cage" to keep suspects in until there are sentenced to death. The first prison and prison system was created in Philadelphia back in 1790. Now prisons have evolved and are used at punishments for people who have committed crimes such as murders, robberies, or assault, etc.
Prisons have been used all around the world since as early as the 1500's. A prison is a facility in which people are forcibly confined and denied a variety of freedoms under the authority of the state. Over the years there has been a debate on whether or not prisons work well as a punishment. "According to Goodman
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The type of violence that is most common in prison is/are rape and gang violence. Unfortunately, inmates are not the only suspects, prison staff sometimes harass or rape the inmates. The inmates who are the victims of staff violence sometimes do not report that they have been violated or assaulted because they feel like no one will believe or listen to them. Deaths in prison are also a huge problem, according to Bureau of Justice A total of 4,446 inmates died in 2013, an increase of 131 deaths from 2012. This was the highest number of deaths reported to the BJS Deaths in Custody Reporting Program since 2007 ( The leading cause of death is Suicide and heart disease is the second leading cause of death in prisons. One reason why inmates committed suicide is because of depression. They are numerous reasons why inmates become depressed. One reason why inmates are depressed is because of lack of support from family and friends or even just being able to see their family and friends, of course this falls in the category of their sentence. A second reason is their sentence. One final reason that I will provide is trauma, sometimes the inmates are always victims of
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