Violence In Saving Private Ryan

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The “9 Hot Buttons” of violence discussed in F. Miguel Valenti’s book, More Than a Movie: Ethics in Entertainment, are as follows: choice of perpetrator, choice of victim, presence of consequences, rewards and punishment, the reason for violence, the presence of weapons, realism, the use of humor, and prolonged exposure. These are all creative elements that have been proven to manipulate viewers reactions (Valenti, 99). A good example of a movie that can be examined for the use of all of these elements is Steven Spielberg’s 1998 film, Saving Private Ryan. 
 As for the choice of the perpetrator and victim in this film, there are many instances where Spielberg uses this element to evoke an emotional connection. For about the first thirty minutes of the film the director portrays…show more content…
The reason for violence in Saving Private Ryan is very clear. These men have been drafted into the second World War, and have no choice but to fight for their country. War, sadly, is apart of life. The violence displayed in the film is justified, because it is reality and is attempting to shed light on the harsh realities of war and the human race. 
 When analyzing this film, the use of weapons and realism can be tied together. In More Than a Movie, when discussing the use of weapons, the author states, “Often, of course, they are necessary to service a particular plotline” (Valenti, 104). That is the case in Saving Private Ryan. The use of weapons is needed to achieve a realistic idea of the war, and in turn the realism is meant to shed light upon America’s and the world’s dark past. 
 The prolonged exposure to the acts of violence throughout this film do not desensitize the viewer to them, but rather humanize them. They are able to connect to the struggle and sorrow felt by the soldiers, and humor is used as an escape for them. A small joke here or there allows them to forget about the hell they are in. Throughout the film Spielberg uses these elements in a way that Valenti would
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