Violence In Social Media

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“Properly structured violence arouse pity.” Said Aristotle in ancient periods, research studies made on the issue violence in media justifies his argument. Theorems on the issue dates back to 1960s. There are opposing arguments on how media effects society. As one of these articles It is stressed that as the amount of violent behavior seen is increased, the tolerance people have for brutality increases causing him/her become desensitized. Violence in media especially video games and films desensitizes violence to society by polishing marginal acts, meanwhile social media containing variety of unauthorized violent content upholds the effect and harms children more than any other age group. Children are affected more than the elder…show more content…
Various research studies are focused on the subject media violence and how effective it is on children. According to the Australian Psychology Society’s study results, children that are subject to media violence possess a higher probability of reflecting aggressive…show more content…
In today’s world, many people post what they eat, like, buy, basically anything they do, on social media. However, the problem is that they are free to share whatever they want to share including any violent material. In the overview of the issue media violence, Andrea Nakaya points out that the problem with the social media leading to concern is the lack of regulation (Nakaya, par.2). Internet and social media offers a variety of violent content to its users without any supervision. Since the history of social media is not very old, the regulation on this area is seriously vulnerable leading to a very wild environment, as my interviewee said, as well. Further, Facebook’s public policy and chief in Europe, Africa and Middle East admitted “We have a very effective system, but it’s not 100% effective.” (Schechner, par.8). Some of the social media platforms try to establish efficient control systems for the content shared, as shown in the example. However, most IS posts are evidences of their failure. It is stressed by Jamie Bartlett, the author of The Dark Net, a book examining decentralized networks. “It’s absolutely inevitable that organizations like IS are going to be the early adopters of this sort of innovation.”(Lee, par.9). As Bartlett said social media

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