Use Of Violence In A Better World Movie Essay

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In A Better World Violence is a natural phenomenon. Human beings are violent by nature. We should it as a face and deal with it in a peaceful mindset. It has been in our culture from the beginning, we use violence in order to get what we want and survive in the harsh world. Humans cannot live without violence because without violence, human beings cannot live in this world. There is an urge for us to kill. But now, violence has gone too far and it must be tamed like an animal. Violence is used to strike fear in other people’s hearts It is nature that violence will be deployed when they don’t like something or someone so that they won’t mess with them. Violence is constantly used in the movie called “In A Better World”. For example, when Christian attacked Sofus for bullying…show more content…
Not all kind of violence is used to make someone’s life bad, it can also be used to protect someone you care about and you don’t want them to get hurt. In the movie “In A Better World”, Christian and Elias bombed Lars’ car because Lars was hitting Dr. Anton and the boys wanted revenge, so they bombed Lars’ car hoping that Lars’ would stop messing and hurting Dr. Anton. Another way that shows why violence is used to protect someone is that in the movie, When Elias was getting bullied by Sofus, Christian came and beaten Sofus with a metal stick. The reason why Christian did this was because on the first day of school, Elias was the first person to become friends with Christian and they looked out for each other. Another reason why violence is used to protect someone’s loved ones is that when Elias got hurt trying to protect Lars’ wife and daughter from the explosion Christian and Elias planted earlier. Christian felt responsible for what he did, so he tried to commit suicide, but Dr. Anton was came in and intervened. To protect someone, violence doesn’t need to be used. You can just stop messing with the bully and they’ll eventually
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