Violence In The Southwest Essay

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There seems to be many causes of the violence in the southwest mostly and primarily due to brutal and senseless encounters at Apache Pass. These encounters came about due to personal vendettas from the U.S government and an Apache leader named Cochise. For a while the two had peace between them before farm was raided and a child happened to be taken causing the American government to be suspicious and met with Cochise who was known for having peaceful talks with Americans prior to this encounter. After this meeting the army decided to hold Cochise’s family hostage even though he had promised to help the government find out where the boy went. After this Cochise had to escape without his family and apparently a few members of the Apache tribe were killed and caused Cochise to become more of a revenge killer than a war hero! Reasons for lawlessness in the southwest after the Mexican American War was the discovery of gold, days after Mexico ceded to the U.S. After years of forming mixed races between Mexican women and American men, Mexicans started to notice that Americans looked down on them causing acts of terror against the new government. Texas was the worst when it came to relations with Mexico where Anglo Texans were hostile to Mexicans
To answer the one of the questions of how these acts of violence has changed over time, it was slow and steady
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This took the attention away from the Southwest for a time while people migrated west to settle such as Mormons, who had to move to Utah to escape religious persecution from state governments ordering their extermination of the likes of political leaders such as Governor Boggs. The mapping of the southwest was also a major benefit to the United States for traveling across country allowing for people to settle and grow in agriculture and build up local business and mining of precious metals of gold, silver and
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