Violence In Workplace

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Even though there are no clear specific OSHA standards for violence in the workplace, it is very important to realize that workers still have rights regardless. Workers have the right to work in conditions that do not put them in any risk of serious harm; there is even an act in place for this. Under section 5(a) (1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are required to provide their employees with a place of employment that is free from recognizable hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious harm to employees (“Workplace Violence: Enforcement,” n.d.). Employees should be able to receive any type of information regarding training and workplace hazards, along with the ways to prevent them, and also the…show more content…
The signs of this level are that the person tends to argue a lot with customers, vendors, coworkers, and even management. This person refuses to obey the policies that have been set into place, as well as verbalizing wishes to hurt coworkers and/or management (“DOL Workplace Violence Program,” n.d.). A person who is like this might even send threatening notes to their coworkers or their supervisors because they picture themselves as the victim so they feel as if what they are doing is acceptable. Once this has been identified as how the person is acting then 911 might need to be called if the person is threatening employees and managers, especially if people feel as if their lives are at risk. A supervisor of some sort should be called immediately to assess the situation and then if it is needed they will call others when necessary. Securing everyone’s safety should also be a high priority on a manager’s list because whenever people are being aggressive there is no telling what they could possibly do. Another thing is that anyone else who could be in any type of danger, maybe outside of the business, will need to be contacted as well just to make sure they get to a safe area as well. The strange behavior of the person should be well documented; this will be extremely useful if anything were to occur (“DOL Workplace Violence Program,” n.d.). Finally, a supervisor should meet with the employee…show more content…
This is whenever the person is discussing suicidal thoughts, getting into physical fights, causing property damage, showing extreme signs of rage, and also utilizing weapons to harm others (“DOL Workplace Violence Program,” n.d.). First and foremost 911 should be called immediately and utilize any other emergency contacts as well. The supervisor should be called, while remaining as calm as possible the employees should be moved to a safe location if they are not already, leaving an area that is not safe should also be done, and cooperating with law enforcement on this is vital for everyone’s safety. Once law enforcement arrives witnesses should be willing to give their statements as well as to help document every unusual behavior that was exhibited prior to the altercation (“DOL Workplace Violence Program,” n.d.). One other situation that the DOL mentions is that management should be on the look out for is domestic violence. This situation is not as noticeable at first, but being able to observe the signs and symptoms of it can potentially save someone’s life. Support and assistance should be offered to the victim so they do not feel as if they are all alone while handling the matter. There is a National Domestic Violence Hotline that can be called for more information, which could be a form of support if the victim wants to talk to someone. Lastly, if the perpetrator happens to
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