Violence Is Caused By Power In Macbeth Essay

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Violence is caused by power. This epic theatre deals with politics and social issues in very dark times were every king has their own method to become successful. Although the consequences that comes with it, kings avoid failure by choosing methods that can lead to unethical behavior. A king that is considered to be successful is achieving the title at the expense of somebody else. What causes a king in to considering violence? First, I believe that the fear of failure make kings to consider violence as an easier solution to achieve their long wished success. A brutal but easy way to handle the problems that does not affect the king so much. In the story of Macbeth you can clearly how he is noble and when he is chosen by the three witches to…show more content…
The tolerance to break this is accepted more or less among people, and their success makes other hard-working people in to believing the same. Although the official rules, kings and leaders, in this case Macbeth, can believe that dishonesty sometimes can be a tolerated method by helping themselves and the ones that surrounds them to success. Macbeth faces a hard time standing up to his very own decisions and listens to lady Macbeth that eventually makes him want to live up to her expectations. This destroys his personality quickly and gets very paranoid that makes him corrupt and disloyal. When Macbeth achieved the position as a king in such random matter and surprisingly for both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, the lack of preparations not just physically, but mentally has very big consequences. Lady Macbeth wanted to be queen and was willing to do anything for it. Violence was an easy option, but she does not expect that she had to live with the guilt. She saw her chance to become queen and took it no matter what. Greedy as she is, she sold her soul to the devil. When it begins with fate and power to achieve ambition and love. Later Macbeth has the taste of power that eventually makes him greedy and uses violence to put his own desires over his country. Living something that is not his to take, but was given to him by murdering. It is clearly that power and glory is not worth it at the
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