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This paper examines love and violence in relationships. Throughout this paper, concepts of ego-based love, and true love will be addressed. This paper will also address how violence can be caused due to social viewpoints of love. I discussed the Love Talk video with a friend on Monday, February 12th at 8:00 p.m.
1. For countless years the concept of love and violence has been widely analyzed. There are many different theories regarding why violence exists within relationships. The Love Talk scene with the Barbie’s, depicts a highly respected explanation for the cause of violence in relationships. The two female Barbie’s had problems in their relationship, which they presented to a therapist. These included monetary, emotional, and physical
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We have also learned that ego based love attacks the other person in the relationship, in order to defend themselves. At the beginning of the film Barbie A complains that she is tired because she stays home to take care of the baby, while Barbie B is at work. This can be classified as ego-based love because Barbie A blames/attacks Barbie B for causing her to be tired. Other examples of ego-based love are seen when the Barbie’s discuss their problems involving money and Barbie A’s ex-girlfriend. When presenting these problems, both Barbie’s attack and blame each other. By the end of the video, however, it is interesting to note that the viewpoints regarding their problems have shifted. The more the therapist abused the Barbie’s, the more it unified them. For example, the therapist attacked Barbie A when she complained about being tired as a stay at home mom, then Barbie B interfered saying that Barbie A does a great job of taking care of the baby. The therapist also attacked Barbie A for “letting herself go” and Barbie B for “inappropriately behaving”. When this happened, the Barbie’s viewpoints of the problem shifted to what they themselves could do better in their…show more content…
One new concept that I learned about love, is how to display true love. The love talk does a good job in giving examples on how to control ones ego. I really liked how the Love Talk discussed that it is okay to be mad or sad when something bad in the relationship happens, but it is all about learning how to control your emotions and not attacking the other person. Essentially, the Love Talk discusses how you can still speak your mind, it just must be without hatred and anger towards the other person. Although this is a hard concept to understand, this Love Talk helped me better understand how to control my emotions. An idea presented in the love talk that contrasts with how love is viewed in our society, is the concept of true love. Many people believe they are displaying true love when arguments happen because they are showing that they care for the other person. However, when they attack the other person for doing something wrong true love is no longer being displayed. I also believe that society’s views of love can lead to violence because society has created expectations and desires for what love is and how love should be displayed. In other words, society sets people up to be disappointed. When ones partner does not meet these expectations and desires that society has created, they become despondent. This can then lead to violence in the relationship. Finally, I think the Love Talk gives great examples of how violence can be prevented, which include: not placing the
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