Violence On Television In Movies

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Over the years, television and movies has become increasingly prevalent and essential for our daily lives. While people think that TV and movie is a greatly accessible source to enrich their entertainment, at the same time they are not aware that violence shown on TV and in movie influences their behavior and ways of life, especially on young people. With much speculation, the topic is quite intriguing whether violent scenes either in movie or on TV bring about the favorable or detrimental effects on youngsters. From my point of view, I firmly believe that extensive viewing of violence on TV or in movies negatively affects the actions of our young people for three main reasons. Firstly, violent scenes on film or TV make youngsters behave aggressively…show more content…
When youngsters watch a lot of violent scenes such as fighting, punching, tortures, threats, execution, gunfire, suicide bombing, or acts of deterrents on films or television, they will lose self-control, and they can no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy or between right and wrong. Consequently, they will develop a habit of being the characters they like, and those aggressive plots on screen will encourage them to adopt a violent behavior in real life. For example, a few young bikers might create disturbances on the street as they are inspired by watching the movie like “Fast and Furious”. Another good example is WWE program. After the kids watch these wrestling fights, they portray themselves like those superstars. When someone offends them in some ways or some problems occur, they will not talk reasons, and they will resort to violence as a…show more content…
Viewing too much media violence encourages kids to see the world as their enemies and a dangerous place rather than as individuals. Sometimes, those kinds of kids also have difficulty getting along with their peers because they cannot put themselves in others ' shoes. As they become less desirable, they will feel deep hatred inside and view the world as a mean place where only violence triumphs over peace. As kids grow up, they will not care anyone 's feeling and have a strong need to see everyone being punished.. One perfect example is the Columbine High School massacre occurred in 1999. Two young men Harris and Dylan opened fire, detonated bombs, and killed 12 schoolmates and a teacher after they watched a movie called the Matrix, and they did not feel pity, guilty, or remorse on people they hurt. According to a research report published in March 2009 by Psychological Science, Brad Bushman, University of Michigan professor, concluded his findings that people exposed to media violence have difficulty helping others in need because they are comfortably numb to the pain of others. In his study, the participants were 320 college students. The students were watching the movies when a staged fight ended with a victim took place outside. Participants who had just watched violent movies took significantly longer to lend the victim a helping han than that of

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