Violent Conflict Consequences

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This paper will attempt to observe the major consequences of violent conflicts and especially in Africa. The most evident consequence of violent conflict is that it causes deaths. Violent conflicts also threaten human security both during and after an armed conflict. The economy of the affected population is also greatly affected by the conflict as well as the infrastructure and the health sector of the affected population or country. Countries and especially those that have experienced violent conflicts suffer from many consequences of violent conflicts. One of the most devastating consequences of violent conflicts is that there is loss of life. Many people die in violent conflicts. Both civilians and soldiers are killed in combat while other people die because of high prevalence of diseases as well as increased violent crimes. A good example of…show more content…
Armed conflicts usually lead to a massive flow of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPS). Refugees are those that have fled their home countries and sought refuge in other countries while IDPs are those who have been force to flee their homes but live within their countries’ borders. These victims of forced migration flee their homes or countries in search of safer grounds. The 2007/08 post election violence in Kenya saw the displacement of over 500,000 people from their homes mostly in the Rift valley region. These people became internally displaced persons in their own country as a result of the violence. Many fled their homes after their homes were destroyed, their loved ones killed and their property destroyed or looted. After the 1994, Rwandan genocide, thousand of Tutsis and moderate Hutus fled Rwanda and sought refuge in the neighboring countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. Victims of forced migration take long before they gain the confidence of going back to their home countries even after their countries have

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