Violent Conflict: The Cause Of Conflict

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Zhang JunYue (32) IH Essay 2 Although conflict is generally present all around the world and exists in all societies at all times, it need not necessarily be negative or destructive. However, in this essay, I will be touching on violent conflict, characterized by a use of physical force between two or more parties to resolve competing claim or interests, usually resulting in more than one confrontation and loss of human life. There are many different causes of violent conflict but in this essay I will focus on different beliefs as a cause of conflict, specifically belief in the form of ethnicity as a cause of conflict. This essay aims to analyze and conclude whether violent conflict can be prevented when the cause of conflict is the difference in beliefs, in the form of ethnicity. The essay will examine two case studies to determine the factors or pre-conditions for the prevention measures to be effective/ not effective in placating rising tension from escalating into violent conflict. The two case studies are Rwanda and the Baltic States. This section of the essay aims to discuss under what pre-conditions and factors will the preventive measures be rendered ineffective in preventing the difference in belief, in the form of ethnicity, from escalating into violent conflict. The success of measures in preventing violent conflict generally relies on three things; firstly, the pre-condition or the background of the state, secondly, accuracy and timings of the warnings of
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