Violent Conflicts And Diversity

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Name: Kimberly Lo (11) Class: 405 Diversity refers to recognising our individual differences. This arises from the evolution of cultures as well as the differences of these cultures, which is inclusive of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, political beliefs and other ideologies. In our constantly progressing society, comes the growing question of whether violent conflict can be prevented if there is diversity within a nation-state. When the divergent beliefs conflict each other, this would lead to increasing tensions, which, if left unresolved, could ultimately result in violent conflicts. As such, proper government intervention and measures implemented to prevent this from happening is crucial in keeping peace in a country. This essay will be investigating the pressing issue of whether violent conflicts can be prevented with existing diversity in a country despite different beliefs and ethnicities. I believe that as long as these are recognised, respected and are treated equally, it would forge long-term peace and unity in a country.…show more content…
The thesis is only true when inadequate or no effort is made to establish an understanding between people with different ideologies. In order for violent conflicts to be prevented, importance has to be placed on respect and recognition on the different perspectives. As such, I will be placing my focus on factors that can cause or prevent violent conflict in a
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