Persuasive Essay On Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia Eagles just won Super Bowl 52. Many die-hard fans flock the streets of Philly and celebrate the city 's first ever Super Bowl win. Patriots fans in Philadelphia have to walk through the celebration being screamed at and being called out. An intoxicated man comes up to a Patriots fan and they get into a heated argument after the game and respected teams. The intoxicated Eagles fans attack the Patriots fan and a huge crowd surrounds them, all cheering for the Eagles fan. The Eagles fan beats the Patriots fan so bad, he goes to the hospital with a broken nose and ribs. Someone could have stopped the fight and saved the victim a trip to the hospital. According to the FBI, violent crime is classified as those offenses which involve…show more content…
The poverty rate in Detroit is 35.7 percent and is one of the highest in the US. This allows people to commit a crime to gain access to necessities for survival. Someone may have to assault another to get their wallet to buy food for the family. Also, the poor don’t have access to doctors to get healthy and better themselves. Detroit neighborhoods are filled with broken, abandoned homes with most of them having a dumpster on the front lawn. People leave their homes and commit crimes to gain access to money, drugs, etc. Raiders come through these neighborhoods, looking through these homes for anything of value, like jewelry. Homes in this condition go for as low as $500, which affects the poverty rate even more. The school system in Detroit doesn’t help kids from staying away from illegal things and push them towards more education after high school. Detroit 's graduation rate sits at 67.39 percent and doesn’t seem likely to improve in the future. There are 340 teacher vacancies and ninety-seven special-ed vacancies. Furthermore, the teacher to student ratio is roughly 1:18. Teachers take days off to protest against the school conditions, which hinders students learning more. The students don’t care enough about school and look up to bad role models and follow in their footsteps. This is why violent crimes main causes are poverty, blight in neighborhoods, and the school
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