Violent Emotions In Medea

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The chorus at one point remarks that the most profound hate emerges out of the loss of love. How does the play explore the ambivalence of violent emotions? Where does it preach against succumbing to such emotions; where against it? Background – Violent emotions in the play – Ambivalent emotions against the children – Ambivalent emotions against the husband and his new family – Chorus supporting such emotions – Preaching against such emotions “Her mind thinks in extremes, I know her well” The Nurse (About Medea) Medea is a woman with extreme emotions. These emotions tend to get in the way of her reason and logic. In the prologue, we come to know how Medea plotted to take the throne from Pelias (Jason’s uncle) for which she and Jason got exiled. Even before the play starts…show more content…
In the beginning, the nurse urges the children not to go near their mother, for all she knew in her frenzy she could harm the innocent kids. She no longer wanted to hurt just Jason, but also everything that had to do with him. “I’ve seen her look at them with savage eyes. As if she means to injure them somehow” The nurse (About Medea and the kids) Even Medea herself says that: “Cursed children of a hateful mother-May you die with your father” Not only does she curse her children, she uses them as a ploy to earn time for planning her vengeance. But as discussed before, hatred was only a consequence of betrayal. Even if it did blind her to a certain extent, the hatred did not completely erase the motherly affection Medea has for her children. At many points in the play, Medea speaks of her children as a real caring mother would. This proves how there were contradicting emotions boiling inside of her through the story. “Oh my children Why are you looking at me in that way? Why smile at me – That last smile Alas my heart gives away when I see those eyes I shall take my children from this country” “Let your mother kiss them. Oh these

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