Violent Media Exposure To Violence And The Media

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In today’s world everybody is dealing with constant exposure to violence. Violence has become something normal in modern society as well as modern media. Violent actions such as shooting guns, kicking, punching, and killing can be seen on children’s shows.Whether or not having this constant exposure is beneficial or detrimental to society, is what is being studied at this very moment. Most studies are showing that there is in fact a correlation between violent media and violent behavior. Exposure to violence has been around for decades. Even before times of television, there was still exposure to violence, an example of this is Shakespeare. (Rathus 2012) Some older pieces of writing that convey aggressive acts include: Macbeth and Hamlet, even the Bible expresses messages of violence(Rathus 2012). Considering the amount of time violent media has been around it is clear that there will not be an end to aggression and violence within things like novels, movies, shows, and basically any aspects of media. This kind of exposure to vicious actions is continuing to negatively affect children of all ages and it is understandable. (Rathus 2012) The act of a child simply watching television for two to fours on a daily basis will have exposed the child to around 8,000 murders as well as around 10,000 acts of violent behavior, all within the amount of time it takes the child to complete elementary school. Even children’s films convey acts of violence.(Rathus 2012). One example of

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