Violent Media Is Good For Kids Summary

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In the article of Gerard Jones, “Violent Media is Good for Kids” he tries to convince the audience, especially parents, that violent media is good for kids. He explains that violent media can be very beneficial to kids instead of harming them. Gerard Jones uses many literary devices to persuade the audience. He uses his own childhood experiences; he shares how he was, able to overcome his challenges or as Jones states in his article overcome “passivity and loneliness”. He also uses his son to continue to persuade the audience. He shares how his son used superhero’s identities to get through challenges he faced during preschool, kindergarten and first grade years. Other examples he uses is two different girls that also overcame childhood obstacle through violent media.
The article of Gerard Jones begins with a childhood anecdote to explain why violent media should be allowed for kids. He explains when he was thirteen years old he felt misunderstood, alone and afraid. As a child, he was taught that violence was not acceptable and “cooperation was always better than conflict”. In his article, Jones gives an example of feeling of rage, alone and afraid. He is effective in appealing to the audience’s pathos. Jones shares how he was deprived of violent media and caused him to become withdrawn into “passivity and loneliness”. In his article Jones states, he found reading comic books about a “half-naked, and half-witted, raging against a frightened world that misunderstood him”,
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