Violent Scenes In The Kite Runner

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Throughout the Kite Runner, the violent scenes mark a turning point in the book. In one of the first violent scenes of the book, when Assef is chasing Hassan and Mair, Hassan sticks up for Amir and threatens to take out Assef’s eye if he does not leave them alone. When reflecting on the incident, Amir writes, “Hassan had pulled the wide elastic band all the way back. In the cup was a rock the size of a walnut. Hassan held the slingshot pointed directly at Assef's face” (page number). Hassan showed courage in the face of danger, risked being attacked by Assef, and remains loyal to Amir throughout the ordeal. Despite knowing what Assef was capable of and his reputation as the neighborhood bully, Hassan protected his friend. This incident changed Amir’s and Hassan’s friendship…show more content…
Because he protected Amir earlier and threatened to take Assef’s eye out, Assef seeks Hassan out and punishes him. Amir just sits and watches, but he is only eleven years old. Like in the earlier violent scene, Hassan remains courageous throughout the entire ordeal and continues to remain loyal to Amir. Even before the rape actually took place, Hassan defends Amir and states, ‘“Amir agha won the tournament and I ran this kite for him. I ran it fairly. This is his kite” (page number). Assef and his cronies had Hassan cornered, but instead of giving them what they wanted, Hassan continued to be a great friend to Amir and to fight for fairness. Hassan’s rape also marked a changing point in Amir’s story. Amir continually blames himself for not stepping up and stopping Assef and for everything that happens to Hassan thereafter. Before the incident, Amir and Hassan were, through their actions, close friends. But after the incident, Amir and Hassan are like oil and water, repelling against one another until eventually Hassan and Ali, his father, leave. All of this started with Hassan’s

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