Violence In Video Games Essay

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Video Games; Causing Violent Crimes or Causing Fun? Is there a link between video games and people's behavior? Does playing violent video games precipitate the person who plays them more violent? Do video games have a negative impact on the player? Video game violence has been a controversial subject for many years. A lot of people have argued and done research the subject too get answers. Although some video games are getting more violent, people are not becoming more aggressive because of the violence, the realism of games does not influence players, there is not a lot evidence that shows that violence is linked to playing video games, and most game concepts do not convince players to behave in a certain way. The realism of games does not influence players. A series of experiment done by the researchers at the University of York were used to compare to studies done before it on the same concept; videogames and violence. A doctor from the University’s Department of Computer Science, said: “There are several experiments looking at graphic…show more content…
Studies that are used are in three categories; short-term laboratory experiments, longer-term studies, and correlation studies. These studies have not always worked. Associate professor of psychology and criminal justice at Texas A&M International University, Christopher J. Ferguson said, “This is a pool of research that, so far, has not been very well done, I look at it and I can’t say what it means.” He found no link between video games and violence; as stated in the text of “Studying the Effects of Playing Violent Video Games”. Conversely, only a few studies have found that a portion of violent video games can make people act a little more aggressively, at least for a couple of minutes after, as referenced in the text from “Studying the Effects of Playing Violent Video Games”, nonetheless violent video games do not have a big effect on people, if

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