Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior

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This research evaluates Violent video game causes aggressive behaviors. First I will discuss the definition of violent video game and then the definition of aggressive behavior. Secondly, example and effect of violent games. Thirdly, I will discuss the trait aggressiveness, aggressive attacks, how aggressive behavior occurs, and last thing is theories.
Violent games are more prevalent Games and is the most widely used and the importance of both young and adults on the other hand that violent games are the most attractive private For Buyers young because they are attracted to their colors and influences audio Aggressive behavior is a negative behavior and immoral result of violent video games as they make both children and adults with aggressive
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For example, research explains that two girls who attacked the Columbine School, killing 13 and injuring 23, acted in this manner as a result of the use of these violent games.(Markey, Patrick M. Markey, Charlotte N.& French, Juliana E in 2015)
Another example is the shooting in Virginia Tech by a gunman who was a fan of violent video games. Studies and research suggest that there is a relationship between violent video games and killings; research describe violent games are simulated murder. (Markey, Patrick M. Markey, Charlotte N.& French, Juliana E in 2015).
Aggressive behavior occurs following the practice of the content of violent games. These games affect the ideas and lifestyle of many people who use them, making them carry out many of the negative thoughts they pick up from these games, contributing to make them aggressive towards others.
In this act, we have to expose the aggressive behavior of the person, where we can focus on behavior, thinking, and way of speech. By a person if the act aggressive or negative, we are aware that this person has the aggressive behavior has been acquired through the exercise of violent video
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The ability of a doctor to perform these clinical tasks requires an understanding of the underlying dynamics behind this aggression. A questionnaire will be developed in order to measure the attitudes of respondents regarding the use of violent video games. It is a self-report questionnaire to measure the frequency and level of interest of participants in the use of violent video
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