Violent Video Games And Aggressive Behavior

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This research evaluates Violent video game causes aggressive behaviors. First I will discuss the definition of violent video game and then the definition of aggressive behavior. Secondly, example and effect of violent games. Thirdly, I will discuss the trait aggressiveness, aggressive attacks, how aggressive behavior occurs, and last thing is theories. Violent games are more prevalent Games and is the most widely used and the importance of both young and adults on the other hand that violent games are the most attractive private For Buyers young because they are attracted to their colors and influences audio Aggressive behavior is a negative behavior and immoral result of violent video games as they make both children and adults with aggressive around them The violent games may cause unethical behaviors in children and adults, and many think that these games will help them to express themselves.( Markey Patrick M. , Charlotte N.& French, Juliana E. in 2015) There are many videos that affect the child 's personality and style and great games is the most important games of murder, which is one of the most dangerous toys for them because it makes them learn the way of killing them and carrying hostility (Greitemeyer, Tobias & Osswald, Silvia in 2010) Adults may also behave dangerously to other people and consider it as a joke without realizing the full extent of their behavior. Secondly, games which are less dangerous than games of murder, such as wrestling have both children
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