Violent Video Games Cause Less Violence

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Violent video games have been blamed for everything from bullying to school shootings. Critics of these video games believe they cause people to commit violent acts in real life. These critics, mainly comprised of parents and other responsible adults, don’t agree with what the video games portray. Others say the video games cause less violence and are an outlet for anger and stress. Although violent video games have violent actions in them, teenagers should be able to play violent video games because there isn’t enough evidence to prove they make teens more aggressive, it could prevent violence, and violent video games are a fun and relaxing way to relieve stress and anger. First, there isn’t enough evidence to support the claims behind violent video games making teens more aggressive. There have been hundreds of studies done to provide evidence for both sides of this argument. Some have concluded violent video games make people more violent, but there have been just as many other studies which have found no evidence at all. This shows how there isn 't enough evidence because if researchers had found solid evidence on violent video games negatively affecting people, wouldn 't these games have been discontinued or at least changed? Social scientists have been specifically studying the influence of video games since the 1980’s. As time has gone on, video games have gone from harmless Pac-Man to games specifically made for killing people and remake a digital version of war.
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