Violent Video Games Dbq

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For many years, Scientist have looked into the use of violent video games and television shows. Sources say that video games with aggression could cause violent behavior. There are tests and experiments that the scientist use to figure out if it is true and accurate. For instance, some may use questions that determine the aggressiveness among participants shortly after they had played a violent video game like Grand Theft Auto or one like Mortal Kombat. Other studies use many experimental tests like filling in the blanks, a water test, a noise test, or a hot sauce test. A question on the fill in the blanks would be one like, “A driver crashes into Bob’s car. Bob gets out of the car and…?” A noise test is where someone pushes a button in a room…show more content…
Source 1,, states that children who are exposed to multiple risk factors, like violent media, they are more likely to behave aggressively. This factor though, parents have control over. Yes, a child can have a gaming system, but the games that the child plays on it is all something decided by the parents. Either they care or they don’t. The parents have no right to complain if their child’s behavior is poor caused by the games they play on their gaming systems. The parents could either limit the violent games or just have their kid not play them at all. In fact, it is not just kids using these agressive games, it’s adults too. Adults really don’t have anyone controlling them, so they are more prone to use them. There are so many great benefits to media and technology, but people don’t use them right, they just abuse them. It could be really beneficial to teach valuable skills or lessons instead of violence which could led to excessive…show more content…
My reasoning for this is because, if it is taken or limited to a certain point, there would be less cruelty and aggression between people. People wouldn’t get the, “I wanna kill him/her,” as often as someone who does not play. It should be taken or limited overall because it would be a way to keep adults and children who have the ability to play them away from it. If we focus on more important things in life, instead of a game, we might not have as many crisis, terrorists, wars, etc. in this hatred earth. This is a huge reason why we have so many problems caused by people now days. Violent video games (or non-violent games) is a huge effect making us humans more violent, and dangerous to this
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