Violent Video Games Essay

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In 1972, Magnavox made the first video game console that could be played at home. This made video games much easier to access and allowed people to play for longer periods of time. Since then, consoles have become much more sophisticated and elaborate, with greater graphics and a greater selection for the games a person can play. However, video games are the target of one of the hottest psychology debates. Many people are arguing whether or not video games cause violence in teenagers and pre­teens who play games that depict violence. Recent studies and research shows that video games are not the reason teens act in violence or have quick tempers. For years, psychologists have believed that there was a correlation between violent video games and violence and anger in teens that play them. Seven members of the American Psychological Association (APA) were tasked with studying the psychological effect of playing violent video games. In the study, the psychologists determined that there was a negative correlation between violent video games and the psychological effects on the teens playing them. As claimed by Farrar, “The impact of violent video games is not just limited to the personality­level risk factors of each gamer but may also be a byproduct of an interaction with the game’s contextual features” (Farrar). Oftentimes, when a school shooter is investigated, they are shown to regularly play violent video games such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. It is believed that
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