Violent Video Games Essay

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Most Americans and people around the world play video games, and most of them play violent video games. There have been cases were people have commit crimes involving violence, some people believe violent video games are the cause of commiting the crime. Those people are wrong, video games do have a link with video games, but they certainly do not raise people violence and aggression. In fact video games lower aggression levels and the wanting to cause violence, video games also are just for entertainment and if the person iss in the right state of mind, which most people who commit crimes are not, nothing bad is going to come out of video games, video games also help people both mentally. Most people who play video games have been proven to have lower violence reports and lower aggression levels. Many people play video games, and a large majority of the studies on whether violent video games make people violent prove to lower peoples aggression and violence levels. The article “Studies Find No Evidence Violent Video Games Make Children Aggressive” talks about how when people are tested to see how aggressive they are people who played video games showed to be less aggressive towards other people, while people who didn’t play video games showed to be more aggressive and violent towards other people. This shows how video game make people less violent, because people played video games, most of them would try to solve things without violence, but people who did not play video

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