Violent Video Games Essay

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Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty, Fortnite, these are all examples of all the violent games young children usually play. Lots of children play violent video games, but they all aren’t the best for kids under the age of 12, these reasons will help explain it, lazy parenting, video game store policies, and violent video games can influence violence. There are to many kids playing violent video games in the present day. Children can easily be influenced by all the killing and stealing in these games that are suppose to be for people over the age of 18. First off, children get a hold of these games mostly by their parents buying the games for them. Parents can’t be handing children money and then walking away so that they can just buy whatever they want. Parents may hand a child 20 dollars and let them go into a game store and just let them buy whatever they want. Letting a child play violent video games is just lazy parenting to let a child play those games. Little children should not be playing violent video games but their parents will just let them and think that a 8 year old is mature as an 18 year old. Letting little children run into a game store with 20 dollars could lead to them buying a violent game that not all little kids should have without the parent even knowing. little children can not be able to buy these bloody “M” rated games that could scar them for life but little kids can hide the game until they get home and just play it without the parent knowing.

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