Violent Video Games Essay

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Video games become violence these days. Many people are died. According to certain people, violent video games shouldn’t be banned; they feel that violence video games are the source of today’s motivation. I strongly disagree with them. The most obvious reason is violent video games desensitize people to violence. People who are desensitized to violence are much more likely to act in violent manner. These violent manners can be seen when they lose their temper, get in argument, etc...
The next reason would be violent video games do not respect life and deadly weapons. Guns are very safe in the hand of the right people who taught to respect life. Plus, guns also taught how harmful they are, how to use and handle them correctly. However, in violent video games, there are none of these. The goals of violent video games are to kill. There is no harms harming if miss the target. In violent video games, there are no such things as safe handling of weapons. Violent video games do not act the same in the real world. Therefore, the more deaths and destruction you obtain the better.
Another reason would be violent video games affect the health of many youths. Obesity, being overweight, is seen mostly on children. The increasing of obesity might lead to death of a person. Obesity people are likely to catch an early stroke and heart attack. This mean, they are likely to die at early age. If that happen, the young obesity children might not outlive their parents. Similarly, those who
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