Violent Video Games

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Plenty of studies in the past indicate that video games are the main cause to many health problems including addiction, aggression, obesity and repetitive strain injuries. The media coverage for the negatives is huge! Maybe because people prefer to hear the bad instead of the good, that way it is easier to blame. However, many new studies showed that gaming can actually benefit you, and some study showed that gamers who play frequently are better at perceptual tasks such as pattern discrimination than non-gamers (Griffiths, 2014). Throughout the years, video games evolved and became more versatile when it comes to graphics, plots and genres. Nowadays, all you hear in media is how violent video games are or how evil they are; whenever there is an act of violence, they point fingers towards video games and electronics. Yes, there was some incidents from teens trying to imitate video games but also it is not a firm study. On the other hand, some studies failed to show any correlation between violent video games and behaviors (Price-Mitchell, N/A; see also Vitelli, 2014). In order to talk about the benefit of gaming let me just explain how the world of gaming not just affected individuals but also the mainstream of our daily life, it even helped organizations to raise their profits and fan base. Advertainment was born in mid-90 by mixing Advertising and Entertainment together; it describes the use of video games for marketing purposes and it is been growing ever since. The

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