Violent Video Games

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Philippines has changed a lot throughout the years, especially in the way of how Filipinos lived. This happened when technology intervened their lives. Because of the convenience introduced by technology, people become dependent to it. Surely, some individuals can not live without technology in their everyday living. One example is playing video games. Statistically, in every year that passes, video games become more raw with students. Probably because it is now highly in demand among the people, especially the younger ones. It is a reason why teenagers nowadays, become addicted to video games. Aside from the fact that it serves as an entertainment, video games have a lot of disadvantages for childrens and adults. It causes violent behavior among the gamers. It causes health risks. It is very time consuming. But still, after knowing all those disadvantages why do a lot of people get addicted to it? Video games like Defense of Ancients (DOTA) can cause violent behavior. According to Radowitz (August 2015), “Psychologists have confirmed that playing violent video games is linked to aggressive and callous behaviour.” This explains why violent video games have been caused for school shootings, increases in bullying, and violence towards other people. Playing computer or video games has recently become type of favourite entertainment. One example of violent video game is Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) which is a influential game in the Philippines. Today millions of students
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