Violent Video Games

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There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not there is a relationship between violent video games and engaging in violent acts. The majority of best-selling games involve frequent acts of violence as the central gameplay theme such as; Call of Duty, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Battlefield. In today 's media, we see acts of violence everywhere. I have personally seen people blame violent video games for recent school shootings that have occurred. One of the biggest question in our society at the moment is, do violent video games have a long-term effect on people, or are there other contributing factors that lead to such violence? This is an important question because youth violence is a public health issue in the United States. When doing experimental studies of violence in relation to violent video games, experimenters will typically use nonviolent games as a control group, that way if there is an increase in aggression in the violent game condition, it can be associated solely with the violent game. As stated by Sestir and Bartholow (2010), experimental studies often show that those who play violent video games are more aggressive immediately following game play, however, these effects disappear shortly after. Sestir and Bartholow (2010) conducted multiple experiments to test the relationship between video games and aggressive cognitions. During experiment one they had two violent video games, and two nonviolent video games. The two violent video games were first

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