Violent Video Games Effects On Children Essay

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It has been found in many studies that violent video games lead to violent actions being done by the children or teens playing the games. Many middle schoolers have minds that can be easily influenced by their environment and what they are seeing. Violent video games are harmful to children because of the effects it has on their behaviour, mental health and social interaction skills.

Violent video games can give them the idea that violence is the answer and that what 's happening in the video game is appropriate to do in the real world to real people. The article states, “"40% of middle school girls who played at least one Mature-rated (M-rated) game hit or beat up someone, compared with 39% of boys and 14% of girls who did not play M-rated
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Violent video games affect the brain and how it 's going to think and work after seeing the brutal and graphic images being shown on the screen. Violent video games can cause children to start having emotional differences after video games and have their feelings change the way they work. For example, "The violent-game players, meanwhile, showed similar brain activity in the baseline tests, but after a week of playing violent games, they revealed significantly less activation of their emotional brain centers" (Park). This shows that after playing violent video games the way people 's minds think and process information and images are changed and the brain adapts to the graphic images that are playing and being seen. “findings indicate that there is an association between daily exposure to violent video games and number of depressive symptoms among preadolescent youth (Daily Violent Video Game Playing and Depression in Preadolescent Youth). The more long-term gamers were also more likely to fantasize about hitting someone they didn’t like (Park). This evidence supports the claim because the more people start playing these games the more their minds change, Younger kids are too impressionable to be playing these games. The chance of them thinking what they 're doing is okay is way too high and at too great of a risk. Finally, doctors have taken notice on this problem and have said that it
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