Violent Video Games Negative Effects

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Violent video games are becoming more popular but so are some problems along with it. Video games are known to be fun and all but are they affecting the people who play them. Recent evaluations of the problem have taken place and have found that violent video games can have an effect the user by making them aggressive, causing real life events, or just purely affecting their brain.

Aggressive behavior is usually not an effect of playing video games but now it is becoming a reality. People are looking hard into this matter and an a example would be a group studying how much V.V.E someone gets. Violent video game exposure (VVE) is becoming a bad problem. The amount of exposure a child receives the more likely they are to become more violent and aggressive. These violent video games install the thoughts of what's happening on the screen into their heads and the more they do it the more aggressive they become (Bartholow). Violent video game exposure, if it is for a long period of time, will affect a child's behavior and anger them, so there needs to be a cut back, maybe a time, something to prevent long term exposure. Another study, very similar to the last, is focused highly on the fact the exposure to these games leave somebody with multiple effects. “These studies find that playing violent video
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One being the amount of time the player plays the game. Violent video game exposure plays a big role in the effects of these games. The more the game is played the more the mind soaks up all the violent activity going on in it (Bartholow). This shows that if a person can play not for extensive periods of time and sets limits to the amount of time the game can be played there won’t be a problem with aggressive behavior due to the amount of exposure. So basically aggressive behaviour is controllable based on the amount of playing
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