Violent Video Games

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Video games lower violent behavior, help relieve stress, and do not cause social problems. Teens play video games to take their stress out instead of causing real violence. Kids acting violently towards others, they will go home and they will take their action and frustration out on the type of games they are playing. Also, while teens play online, they build up social abilities, make new friends, and connect with other kids from around the world. Parents and/or guardians always say “stop looking at that screen and stop playing video games. It 's bad for you and your eyes and brain.” Most parents do not know that video games help teens with more than just burning brain cells. Over the years video games have grown. Teens play video games for plenty of reasons such as to relieve stress and take anger out instead of acting violently. While playing video games, players can interact and be involved in the game and react emotionally, and mentally. “ Video games are also a form of free expression to player’s.” But games like BioShock, Fable 2 and Fallout are violent video games, the player reacts in a sense of how they would in real life. But the games also give consequences for the actions and decisions they make. If they make good choices, then the game will give the player a good consequence. A bad choice will give the player a bad consequence. For example, in the game Fable 2, the player can make the decision to save the character’s family, or the player can make the decision
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