The Impact Of Video Games On Teenagers

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Video games lower violent behavior, help relieve stress, and do not cause social problems. Teens play video games to take their stress out instead of causing real violence. Kids acting violently towards others, they will go home and they will take their action and frustration out on the type of games they are playing. Also, while teens play online, they build up social abilities, make new friends, and connect with other kids from around the world. Parents and/or guardians always say “stop looking at that screen and stop playing video games. It 's bad for you and your eyes and brain.” Most parents do not know that video games help teens with more than just burning brain cells. Over the years video games have grown. Teens play video games for …show more content…

They often say, “Stop looking at the television and stop playing video games”, but they do not realize that these games help teens and children. “While a great many studies have been done, science has a long way to go before we fully understand the impact video games can have” (“Preface to” 1). Playing video games can “improve-spatial capacity, visual acuity, task switching, decision making and object tracking” (“Preface to” 1). Playing video games “has shown to enhance low-level vision, visual attention, processing speed and statistical inference... future studies are likely to uncover both detrimental effects of video games and significant benefits of their employment as learning and rehabilitation tools” (“Preface to” 1, 2). So studies prove that looking at a television for hours is not harmful to children or teens. “ And because of brain plasticity-based exercises can improve the performance characteristics of the brain of almost every child, these new game-like tools shall be at the core of a schooling revolution” (“Preface to” 2). Therefore video games are not harmful and help teens and children in the world of today. In this paper, the facts have proven that video games can help a person in their everyday life. Whether it is with a social problem they may be having, they can make new friends, open up, and become less antisocial, or maybe that teen who has anger all the time,can take their stress out on the type of video game they may be playing. So video games lower violent behavior, lower social problems, and can allow teens to take out

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