Violent Video Games

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Seven hours, that 's the collective average amount of hours a child commits their time to playing video games, and with the modern age of the twenty-first-century technology is advancing faster than we would ever have imagined before. Games designers leech on to this and take advantage of the modern technology nowadays to make there video games more detailing graphics, they advertise the games in a way which it puts children under a hypnotic urge to play there games , but really what we should be asking ourselves is what does playing these video games for seven hours due to the children of this generation?

The argument that comes from the most is actually that violent video games may be the thing that letting children have a safe outlet for aggressive and angry emotions which may help in reducing crime, however,

However, video game critics say there has been an increase in bullying rate in schools as well as around the environment," In 2008, 32% of students aged twelve to eighteen reportedly said they were being bullied at school compared to 1999 where bullying rate was only at 5%!"

Furthermore, players understand when they play a video game the differences between reality and fantasy indicating this makes its highly unlikely that they are copying the violence from there video games.

Contradictory though a judge in "2008 criticised Grand Theft Auto "The judge "jailed a 19-year-old boy, from Ashford, Kent for eight years of sexual assaults on for women"

Also In "2005
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