Children Playing Video Games

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Seven hours, that 's the collective average amount of hours a child commits their time to playing video games, and with the modern age of the twenty-first-century technology is advancing faster than we would ever have imagined before. Games designers leech on to this and take advantage of the modern technology nowadays to make there video games more detailing graphics, they advertise the games in a way which it puts children under a hypnotic urge to play there games , but really what we should be asking ourselves is what does playing these video games for seven hours due to the children of this generation?

The argument that comes from the most is actually that violent video games may be the thing that letting children have a safe outlet for
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At the same time, they are being taught teamwork skills and social skills as they communicate with other players from anywhere.It could be their best friend or they could be communicating with someone across the globe. Working together to focus on completing the levels within the games and getting achievements through the game.Some people argue that they are putting their aggression into their gaming so they are not actually physically hurting anyone, which does help decrease the crime rate the world has the now. Despite this young person playing video games has actually been found to be helping young people 's reaction time...According to a study funded by Canadian Research Center, "Gamers had a faster reaction time by about 100…show more content…
To conclude 97% I believe it depends on the way children aged between 12-18 play video games with a range of different violence levels consume the information given in these graphics games.Children nowadays feed into the billion dollar industry without really realizing it they fund games designers to do what they do. Predictively I think the future of gaming ideas are inevitable to predict , but gaming if only becoming more sophisticated and realistic for example nowadays they have brought out such thing as virtual reality, where you literally feel like you 're in the game yourself and with these violent video games I believe it depends on the way the gamer consumes the game and whether they take it seriously or know its just for fun.

Due to no hard evidence on the link between games and resulting behaviors The debate over whether or not if it affects the youth of today will be
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