Why Do Violent Video Games Cause Juvenile Violence?

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Violent Video Games Society overreacts and needlessly blames video games for all violence. Children are the main target for video games. Violent video games do not make kids just wake up and go and shoot up a school, video games are just a way for kids to release anger. People who never played video games before always think just because you play any type of violent video game they think it's going to make you a violent person, when in reality them saying that is just gonna get you angry and then make you wanna get violent with them. Even the president of the United States thinks video games are bad for kids because he said “Video game violence & glorification must be stopped it’s creating monsters” (“Kain 1-3”) The rate of juvenile violence in the United…show more content…
People always say playing video games make you antisocial but in a statistic 60% of video game players play with their friends and 33% with siblings. Yes, even single player video games are more than often played with another person, such as one person is playing the video game and another person is giving the other person playing information on how to play. Friends may be battling to their demise in a video game, but developing a friendship in person (“Jenkins 1-2”). Playing a lot of video games does not mean you are addicted to video games it just means that it's one of your favorite hobbies. Video games can relate to a game of chess it all depends on skill and knowledge. The more people play the more and more people can get better at what video games you play.(“Gray 3”). Some kids only play video games to escape their harsh reality and they find their comfort in playing video games. Violent Video games don't teach kids how to shoot a rifle,just how 2K doesn't teach you how to shoot a basketball and get drafted into the NBA, Violent video games are just games that are played just like any other
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