Violent Violence In Sports

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People are Violent
Violence is an entertaining and exhilarating aspect of people 's lives. Whether they are part of it, watching it, or causing it, they can not help but be drawn to the activity. Violence is defined as a physical force intended to cause harm ( This part of people is seen through what they watch for entertainment, their genetic code, and how they choose to control others. People generally react in violence or choose the violent opinion in any situation.
Humans are violent, because they like to watch violent events, but more specifically sports. In many sports that involve a team, there is physical contact that can cause damage. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, says “Football is a very violent game, Every play, we’re hitting somebody, tackling somebody...”(Rhoden). This article continues to talk about how the people who are watching know exactly what is going on unlike before advanced medical knowledge, when we didn’t know a lot about concussions and other injuries. Those in the stands at football games know that when each play begins, someone is bound to get hit, and that each hit causes at least a little damage.
Football isn’t intended to hurt people, but to get the ball to the end of the field and during this process, people can get hit and hurt. The problem with some sports like boxing, the whole intent is “ knock his opponent down, stunning him so severely that he can not regain his feet before the referee counts to ten”(Grabianowski). Many

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