Violet Markey And Theodore Finch In All The Bright Places

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“I crave a love so deep the ocean would be jealous” –Russell Sivey. The novel All the Bright Places is about two spontaneous humans who crave a love so deep and intricate that the ocean would indeed be jealous. To continue, the two main characters Violet Markey and Theodore Finch love each other with such depth it hurts both of them. As I am currently arriving towards the end of the book it is prevalent that they both have objects in their lives that play a remarkable part of who they are as characters. There are three objects that add a special touch to this story and they are a car, the Purina Tower, and the blue lagoon in which Violet and Theodore share their first fight. To begin, a car plays a large part in Violet’s sheltered life. Violet’s sister died in a car crash at the age of 18 and Violet refused to step a single…show more content…
On the first warm day of the year after a long and dreadful winter, Theodore takes Violet on a date to a place called the Blue Hole as part of their wandering project. The day they go on this adventure it is around the middle of March, but according to Theodore the water is surprisingly warm. To continue, only Theodore decides to go swimming while Violet sits on the shore and watches him. The Blue Hole is a swimming hole is eerie, full of depth, and incredibly dark. (: However, Theodore has a love for how water makes him feel and he loves to stretch his limits, so he stays under water in the Blue Hole for a long period of time. After Theodore is under the water for 6 minutes, Violet starts to frantically cry because she does not want to lose another person whom she loves deeply. It is obvious that Violet is upset: “When I finally hit the air, she is sitting on the bank crying” (Niven 224). This was a turning point in their relationship, for Violet did not realize how much she loved Theodore and Theodore did not realize how much he loved Violet until this
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