Violette Szabo Biography

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What does it take to be the greatest young female operative agent in European history? Violette Szabo did this by accomplishing a life 's worth of achievements in just 23 years, and also being a trustworthy, and positive impact on others. Born on June 26th, 1921 in Paris, France, she spent her entire life helping others. Her journey ended too soon when she was executed by the Nazi Party on February 5, 1945. Although she was known for having her own agenda and disobeying the rules, she is the greatest young female agent in European history because of her selflessness, dedication as an agent, as well as her rebellion against people 's expectations. Violette Szabo was well known through the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and other…show more content…
Once Violette Szabo joined the SOE, it was clear that she would be a tremendously dedicated agent. During her very first operation she went against her partner’s and advisors wishes, and entered Paris in order to save a few agents who had been captured by the Nazi’s (Minney 108). Although what she did was against their wishes, she did it because of how dedicated she was to saving the agents. She became even more committed following that mission and in her second incursion she made the ultimate sacrifice. Jacques Dufour (a French resistance leader) recollected events from the night Szabo was captured: “[Violette Szabo] who had her clothes ripped to ribbons and was bleeding from numerous cuts all over her legs…, insisted she wanted me to try and get away that there was no point in staying with her (Simkin).” Violette almost forced Dufour, Anastasie (the person the mission was sent to rescue) and the other agents to leave her in the cornfield in order to keep them safe and let them fulfill the mission. She shot at the troops, yet she was unable to keep them away for long by herself and was captured. After her imprisonment, she was sent to Ravensbrück to be punished. The Nazi’s wanted to get information about the Allies, and Szabo was “continuously and atrociously” tortured for the information (“Fourth Supplement”). Even though she was badly tortured and beaten, she was devoted to concealing the sensitive data. Violette Szabo’s dedication was beyond what anyone asked of her,…show more content…
Despite Violette Szabo being known for having a contrarian nature and going against the rules, she is the greatest female agent of world war II in European history because of her selflessness, dedication as an agent, and her rebellion against people 's expectations of her. One of the things that makes Violette Szabo special is that she is the one of the least known great young female operative agents. The unrecognized work she did was so important for ending the war, as well as paving a path for the recognition of unknown heroes in European history. Without the amazing work the nameless heroes such as Violette did, the success in the war wouldn 't have been
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