Virasat Film Analysis

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Virasat was an Indian feature film featuring Tabbu and Anil Kapoor. The story and the theme of the film
– Anil Kapoor young man living in the modern world as a professional, following the urban norms and because of family legacy, he found himself back in his native village. PranjalDube’s story to a very significant extent runs parallel to this. He was a software professional working in Tata infotech in the late 90’s and early years of 2000. He was working on most modern softwares and applications for client’s world over – Germany, Great Britain, US – he was a successful career professional. He had a very interesting family legacy. He is from Dewas district, where we had also gone to see SamajPragatiSahiyog in tehseelBaguli, there is a tehseel of Khategaon around 50 – 70
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Then the process of guidance is easier. He also developed many systems of checks and balances to encourage and cultivate the spirit of group learning, such as incentives for those who would help each other. In such cases, the overall result of the batch would go up and hence it was a win - win situation for all. Their colleges also provide vocational training. It was very important project oneself in good light and to emphasize upon the fact that everybody benefitted from their initiative. Pranjal recalls a time when he manipulated a traditional practice of celebrating achievements by dhols and posters to spread the news of the success of one of his candidate, in an attempt to appeal to the mindset of people. With great difficulty he made the project sustainable, in the process mortgaging his house and taking a loan. He charges a fees of 16,500 rupees for the same, which includes pick up and drop services, which benefit all. EMI extraction, a great job but pay back. Educational institutes have a bad name, a stigma associated, that it is a highly profitable venture. Also, the fees is subject to crops and a function of the success of the same. The operating expenses have to be
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