Virgil In Dante's Inferno

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Virgil is the only character besides Dante to appear all The way through Inferno. As he protects and guides Dante through the world of sin, he proves himself to be sober, measured, resolute, and wise.Virgil not only serves as Dante's guide through the physical route of hell, but reinforcing its moral lessons as well. He was sent to Dante from Heaven by St. Lucy and Beatrice. Virgil plays the role of inspiration to Dante. For instance, Dante is metaphorically depicted as a poet in the Purgatono. This outlines the relationship between the two, where Dante leaves the cruel sea which is hell and journeys to the waters that are better. This emerges as customary to Virgil, as he's used the metaphor before. Dante depicts Virgil to be strong and brave
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