Virgil Tabiz In The Night Book Report

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Without the help of Virgil Tibbs in the city of wells, the murder case of Maestro Mantoli’s death would have never been solved. Tibbs first found at a train station by same wood, was then arrested as a suspect for Mantoli’s death, but then the chief of police Bill Gillespie later learned Tibbs is a police officer in Pasadena California. Gillespie asked Tibbs to stay in the city for a while to help him solve the case.

Virgil Tibbs is a black man, the city of wells isn 't very welcoming to black people, in the course of the novel we see how Virgil ignores the racism and how all he did was try to get the job done. Tibbs is ambitious, intelligent, confident, reliable, and methodical. In the coarse of the novel Tibbs handled the case carefully, observed for details, like when the nineteen-year-old was arrested as a suspect in the murder, Gillespie was asked by Tibbs “you have a confession” Bill said he doesn 't need one he was sure he had enough evidence nineteen-year-old in trouble twice, Tibbs looked deeper he said “he is innocent of murder because he is left handed” it was evident that the fatal blow had been struck by a blunt instrument at an angle of seventeen degrees from the rear, the assailant was right handed, if it wasn 't for Virgil they
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Virgil showed confidence standing up to Ralph at diner Tibbs was there with Gillespie and sam but Ralph yelled at Tibbs to wait outside because he was black, Tibbs pointed out he was a police officer just like sam and Gillespie that he had no diseases hat he just wanted a glass of milk. Then when Ralph put his hand on Tibbs, Tibbs put him in a “painful hammerlock” “here he is sam you can arrest this man for the murder or Enrico Mantoli.” Virgil looked for every detail he saw how ralph needed the money for Delores to get an abortion, ralph was afraid of Delores’s father because she is sixteen. Ralph was driving saw Mantoli and offered him a ride, robbed him picked a piece of wood hit him and left him on the rode and
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