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The artist Dieric Bouts painting is called Virgin and Child. This painting dates back to 1455-1460 and is drawn with oil on a wood panel 81/2 x 61/2 . The time period is Netherlands, Haarlem. The Virgin and child are paint about the Virgin Mary and her love for her son.

Coloring in painting help draw audiences into the art work itself. The Virgin and Child coloring is mostly pale skin tone, with royal blues symbolizing royalty and, white symbolizing purity the black background helps make Mary and Jesus the focus point. Painters often add different technique to make their art work more realistic. One way of doing that is lining. The lining in the skin of Mary and Jesus builds a more realistic feel to the painting. Lighting is another way
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Beyonce is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. I choose to compare the picture of Beyonce and Blue Ivy with the painting of the Virgin and Child because they have similar traits and mood. Both pictures portray a mother and their child nourishing and loving. Both Beyonce and Mary are portrayed in a more humbling light then they usually are/ Beyonce has a natural face and has her hair up, while Mary is normal sized. Jesus and Blue Ivy are both cuddling their mother and a loving way. Blue isn’t hidden behind blankets and Jesus isn’t hidden by his halo. In both pictures present movement. Mary is being pulled close by Jesus and Blue Ivy is having her head rubbed by Beyonce. They both show a grip from the mother that resembles protection. The coloring in the picture of Beyonce and Blue are natural and all the negative spacing is toward the outer side. The lines in the picture of Beyonce overlap which shows the same movement as in Virgin and Child. Also the triangle starts at the stop of Beyonce’s head and flows down under blue and connects to the top of Beyonce head again. This is why I chose to compare Beyonce picture to the Virgin and child because they both resemble the loving bond between a mother and her

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